Our Partners


What started out as an invitation to have a working holiday In the spring of 2010 has turned into so much more! The Mexi-Can Vet Project has grown as veterinary practices in Canada join to adopt rescue animals to good homes, raise funds and provide veterinary support at free spay/neuter clinics for dogs and cats in western Mexico. The first sterilization clinic turned out to be mostly work, doing surgery for four days in a row, on about 40 animals a day. Talk about sore feet and backs!!!… but what a marvelous experience to be helping out a group of very dedicated volunteers do so much for the pets, strays and people in a beautiful part of Mexico.


Twice yearly since that first trip, Dr. Malcolm Macartney and staff from McKenzie Veterinary Services have participated in free dog and cat sterilization clinics in the small seaside towns of Guayabitos, La Penita and Los de Marcos in the state of Nayarit, Mexico. A team of vets, vet techs and tech assistants from McKenzie Veterinary Services travel to Jaltemba Bay, where for a week, they work alongside the dedicated team with PEACEAnimals and volunteers from Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR) at the clinics.

Volunteer Teams from Canada

Canadian vet teams add the much needed support and provide extra surgical supplies to enable more animals to be sterilized (often over 200 animals per clinic). The Mexican pet owners at the clinics are happy and deeply moved that we would come from Canada to help their community.  For us, the clinics are amazing experiences that combine long days of hard work and lots of fun with other volunteers from Mexico, Canada and the United States.

Check out our slide show of the Mexi-Can Vet Project 2011.

How people help the Mexi-Can Vet Project

In addition to the help of many volunteers from Canada, the US, and other countries, and the local Mexican people who volunteer at these clinics,  Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue volunteers also fund raise about $1,300 per clinic to cover the cost of the Mexican Veterinary team working at the clinics.

McKenzie Veterinary Services donates $3,000 to $5,000 to cover the flights, supplies, and meals for the volunteer team members.

Your donations provide additional funding for surgical and medical supplies, to not only sustain these clinics, but to increase the number of animals spayed or neutered and treated at each clinic and throughout the year by JBAR.  We are thankful to the many clients of McKenzie Veterinary Services have donated generously and made this project possible.

We have been fortunate to have had a great response from our local veterinary supply companies.  Bayer Animal Health, Pfizer, Borderlink Veterinary Supplies, McCarthy and Son Service, Elanco and Boeringer have each contributed suitcases full of medicines and surgical supplies that we take to Mexico and use at the clinics.

A special thanks to John Forster-Coull, and the amazing team at of Victoria Compounding Pharmacy who have donated much needed antibiotics for treating tick-borne diseases in dogs. We are very grateful for everyone’s support in the past and into the future.

You can also donate directly to Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue.